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Story In The Box 2012 Spring-Summer Look

After 1 year operation, we have much more items in the store now…

[ ↑ Still, you can find the adorable creatives from several brands, such as Qualy, hmm. ]

[ ↑ Right Pictures: Loner Planet Bag, the combination of leather & vintage cavas, makes you a best city traveller ]

[ ↑ It's not a good timing to show our WOOL FELT serious in summer.   The gray felting work of "Birkin iPad Case" shows our  "SALUTE"  to the master designers  ]

[ ↑New Material of WATCH ME serious, just arrival  ]

[ ↑ WATCH ME mini bag with special materials, are the most popular items]

[ ↑ Left: Pocket Hat for spring~summer time ; Right: Violin Bag.  These two items are recommended for a breezy biking. ]

[ ↑ My favorite serious - Kindo Mug Tail cup & candle holder]

[ ↑ Guess what?  This is a fordable ECO tissue box]

[ ↑Breezy Bag, not only a bag but an accessories to bring your a young, lovely look ]