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2012 Spring Collection – Loner Planet Bag

↑ SKY Blue

↑ Forest Green

↑ Maple Red

↑ Coffee Brown

↑ Vintage Purple

This collection is called Loner Planet. They are the best pal that you can bring when you travel around.  Because they are very soft,  you can easily pack them into your luggage, or you will also feel comfortable when carrying them around. Because of the leather and canvas, they are very strong, and a little bit water-resistant.  They have this nice *antique-y look, so it feels like this bag has been going to a lot of places with you.  You know, full of your memories~

Loner Planet Collection 寂寞星球系列

旅行的時候 , “東西”舊的最好…

老鞋子最舒服, 老茶最好喝, 老朋友最好聊.

 寂寞星球系列包包,溫暖的做舊感,每個包包都像一個老朋友,陪你南征北討,日曬雨淋,一直陪在你身邊。讓你隨時 裝入旅行時感動,裝滿每一次寂寞或快樂的回憶。

進口頭層牛皮強韌耐用, 帆布包身柔軟耐磨, 兩種材質都能防潑水,讓旅行途中更愜意。牛皮與帆布的特色就是越用越柔軟, 越用越好看。 裡面東西裝少的時候, 垂墜感很有型;

帆布的韌性很大, 旅行途中東西越裝越多, 也不用擔心。